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This is the page where all the Balloon Competition documents will be placed.


Here is the link to the online secure registration forms.



The 2018 Pilots Invitation and Competition Event details can be found here....


The 2018 COMPETITION MAP and Rule Book will be available for download from HERE once they are finalised.


Below are a few of the important details about this years Canowindra International Balloon Challenge.


The 2018 event will be run over eight days from 21st to 29th April. You will note that this follows Easter and includes ANZAC Day.


Canowindra showground in Rodd Street will be the main briefing center and event office. This year we are taking to the skies with a crisp new logo which depicts balloons, NSW and Canowindra in a stylized form in vibrant balloon colours.


The event will be conducted under a Civil Aviation (CASA) Aerial Display Permit.


The 2018 Canowindra International Challenge and Fiesta is open to Australian and International pilots with more than 30 hours PIC. There are no PIC hour restrictions for fiesta pilots bearing in mind that fiesta balloons will not be launching with or flying in the fleet of competition balloons. Our goal is to have 30 balloons flying all week with 10 spots being held for international pilots.


The competition entry fee is AU$200 which helps defray the travel costs of the key Officials who will be directing your competition.


Future Events

21st to 29th April, 2018

20th to 28th April, 2019

18th to 26th April, 2020


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P: 1300 908 825